6 hours of 3D cleaning
Fairland X-Warrior X60 3D Ultra Clean Roboter

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Hours of pure working time


Weeks cleaning

Let AI work for your pool

The innovative robotic pool cleaner that replaces manual labor.

Thanks to the revolutionary Al wireless technology and self-developed intelligent algorithm, the robot will work automatically up to 6 hours per charge, bringing you a better pool experience.

Al wireless technology

The Fairland X-Warrior X60 3D Ultra Clean Roboter pool cleaner that eliminates the need for manual work. With the revolutionary Al-Wireless technology, the self-developed intelligent algorithm allows up to 6 hours per charge to work automatically in the most effective way, bringing you a better pool experience.

Thanks to the original full inverter technology, the DC inverter motors inside run at 20% to 100% (<50% on average) under the precise control of advanced algorithms, resulting in longer life than ever before.

3D S path

With the advanced control system, the robot analyzes the pool environment and plans the most efficient cleaning path.

This saves you 60% of the cleaning time!

AI mode for vacation

The original AI mode allows users to charge 1 time for 2 weeks and schedule the cleaning cycle. Even if the owner is away, the robot can automatically provide your pool with crystal clear water at the preset cleaning time.

Ultimate cleaning experience

Control unit
Engines & water pump
PVC rail
PVC brush